Lunch in Metairie

Lunch at the Rivershack - Because Every Day Should Feel Like Friday!

You don't have to wait for the sun to go down to come out to the Rivershack Tavern and join us for a meal you'll love. Every day, Chef Mike fires up our kitchen at 11 AM sharp, so by the time your lunch break rolls around, we're going to have plenty of hot, delicious food ready for you!

When you drop in for lunch, you'll have access to our entire menu of tasty local favorites, from a full complement of classic New Orleans Po' Boys (including alligator sausage!) to the mighty See-Food Platter. All of our seafood is fresh-caught and fresh-cooked, so you'll get the best flavor in Metairie. We have salads available too, including our signature Seizure Salad with Caesar dressing made according to our own secret recipe. A generous selection of burgers and sandwiches (chicken or deli-style) and a gut-busting appetizer list rounds out the regular menu.

Don't set your heart on one of our menu items before you get here, though! Chef Mike is always experimenting, and there will be a brand-new special or two to tempt your more adventurous tastebuds. If you're in the mood to try something new, we will not disappoint you!

When you sit down for lunch at the Rivershack, you'll notice that our extensive bar is already open for business. We know you have a busy afternoon ahead of you, but trust us: There's no better addition to one our hearty lunch meals than a pint of fine locally-brewed beer or one of our famous River Ritas. Be responsible, but remember to have a little fun!

If you join us for lunch, you'll experience all of the things that make Metairie dining great: superb food, a unique, friendly attitude, and an unbeatable price. Lunch at the Rivershack is cheap enough to do every day, but memorable enough to cherish for years. Come on in and give us a try - and if you enjoy yourself, don't forget to swing by again on some evening in the future. We have the same great food and great drinks, plus live music five nights a week!


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